Get your team together

1st Monday of every month 7:00 pm there still room call today

Advertise for you church, Every church that participates can have a free add up on our monitors to promote your church for the public to view and all it cost is to have your team participate. The cost is #7 per person and you can rotate as many people as you like, and we'll play christian music too!

Come in and join the fun and compete for the trophy to take back to your church for a month, no average is necessary (we'll give you one) and its all handicap so everyone can compete and its a way to have fun and no commitment


Want to practice and bowl with others try our Tuesday morning bowling 9;00am to 11:30 for a $1 a game and it includes free cofee and donuts, now how can you beat that

Or how about Thursday Red pin from 9:00 am to 11:30 am for $1.50 a game and colored strikes win a free game and again its coffee and donuts. Find out how good exercise can be!